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The Magic of Photo Restoration

Our Family photos are often more valuable to us than the Mona Lisa
and they are just as unique!

When asked what we would save if our house was in danger, (apart from family and pets, etc.,) most people choose their family photographs.

Generations of family images now exist, kept in boxes and albums, stored away, and, to be honest, not looked every day. And yet, they remain extremely important and valuable to us all.

Just knowing that the images of our children as babies, great grandpa on his motorbike or Aunt Dorothy's wedding pictures are safe and sound, gives our existence a real sense of meaning, it connects us with our past, places us in time.

While we are getting on with our lives the photographs can be damaged either by mould, flood or children drawing moustaches, it all creates the imperfect record that remains behind.

We cannot bring back the images that are thrown away* but the ones that remain can often be restored to look as good as they did on the day they were taken. We have a responsibility to look after these treasured images from the past.


I have been restoring and repair photographs since 1995.


Please have a look at the examples on this page.


To have your own old photos scanned & repaired see here:


* Please don't throw away photographs - even if you do not know the names of the people in them or where a photo without people was taken. In the future there will be photo-archaeologists whose job will be to trace who is who in orphaned photos. Even if this cannot be done, there is still important historical information in the clothes people wear, or just in the background, the weather - the DNA left on the surface of the paper! It costs nothing to leave them in a box for the next hundred years and the future will thank you.

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