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Roll-over images to see repair transformation.

The White Family about 1895

This photo is a typical Victorian family group, taken in New Zealand and a few years before 'John Stuart White' on the left, came to the UK to do some research into the new car and motorbike industry. He intended to return to New Zealand to make his fortune but did not get back for over fifty years.

Sepia toned photographs fade to green over the years as in these photos, In the picture above a very good relative stuck names onto this image so we know who every one is. It is quite easy to correct the colour but took a little longer to clone out the name tags

Archibald Anderson

One of the early settlers in New Zealand, so pre-1900 photograph. As a result of age the original has faded to the green from the sepia.

The tear looks quite dramatic but in many cases it is easier to repair than creases - (creases can distort the shape of the subject).

Put your mouse cursor on the image to see the repaired version.

The  image above was a seriously marked glass slide but it repaired quite successfully.

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