Fractal Press Photo Restoration - 01756 752000

These categories cover all different types of damage that has been sent to Fractal Press over the last 19 years.

Type A - no major marks or scratches (most photos benefit from slight exposure adjustment, minor spotting, red eye removal etc.........£5

Type B - General small marks or frayed edges, exposure adjustment & restore original toning (especially sepia – pre 1923 images)..... £10

Type C – Torn or creased, water/flood damage, exposure adjustment & restore original toning......£20

Type D - Seriously damaged, image from frame stuck to glass, or big original that would otherwise be Type C .....£30

Type E - School Panoramic photos, priced by each 10x8 section depending on the damage within that section.

There is a nominal Type F which covers almost totally destroyed images. I would suggest sending the photograph and I will either quote or conclude that it is beyond reasonable repair. If the image is absolutely unique and important, a cheaper rescue of the important parts like faces may be worth while. During the last fifteen years I have only come across two or three images that were beyond repair.


After repair the images can be printed to paper that will not fade for at least (100 years).

Print Costs: 5 x 7 - £4.00   6 x 8 - £5.00 8 x 10 - £9  A3 - £15, A2 - £25, A1 - £40


Print to Greeting Card – using a different process you can send copies of the restored image to the rest of the family on personalised A5 greeting cards: £25 for 10 cards including envelopes.  Print to Canvas.

Return Post: Standard Recorded to A4 size: £3. Same size but Special Delivery: £7.50. Large Format & larger Special Delivery at cost.


These prices are for your information, please do not expect to work out which category your photo will be in. If you send them to the address below I will quote before proceeding.



Fractal Press, 1 Low Mill Cottages, Grassington. BD23 5BX