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Printing Photographs on to real cotton canvas makes an attractive image that is at home in living rooms, bedrooms, Offices, Cafés, Restaurants and Galleries.

These canvases are put on genuine stretchers and drawn as tight as a drum. The stretchers allow the canvas to be tightened if they become slack due to being hung in humid conditions or near central heating radiators.


These stretchers are also knot free so they will not warp or become twisted.

The price is the same for your own images on the sizes below or the old local images featured on this website.

In Inches
12 x 16         -        £35.00

20 x 16         -        £45.00

20 x 24         -        £55.00

16 x 24         -        £50.00

30 x 20         -        £65.00

38 x 20         -        £80.00


+ P&P from £9.50 or at cost.

The smaller sizes are more suitable for portraits.

Much bigger images can be made by printing across two or three canvases and hanging together.

Fractal Press, 1 Low Mill Cottages, Grassington. BD23 5BX